Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little bit about AFI

Quick update:
Since I published this blog, a few great and talented artists offered to join and volunteer their time to help out. It's a great encouragement to see that people believe in me and this project, I'm truly humbled.

In case you were wondering, "Europa" is my thesis film at the American Film Institute, which has recently been rated the best film school in the world, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
What's truly random is that of all AFI production pictures, they've picked this picture, from the set of "Europa" to put in the article!

Back to production updates:
I've been doing some rendering and compositing tests on an underwater environment which is a big set-piece that will feature in more than 30 shots in the next few weeks, and in the meanwhile have continued working on the Hologram you've seen before - It takes a while because I need to animate 50 seconds of it. I expect to be done with it during the weekend.


So any help would be great, especially if you have a 200 node render farm.

Expect to see some cool tests and updates this weekend!

Monday, August 8, 2011

First - a reminder...

Secular Quarter #3 is my most recent finished short film.

Secular Quarter #3 - Jerusalem 2111 sci-fi contest entry from David Gidali on Vimeo.

This short was originally conceived as an entry to the "Jerusalem 2111" short film contest. It ended up coming in 1st place, and got mentioned in familiar media outlets like,, AOLnews, The Jerusalem Post, etc.

I directed it and was the lead cg artist on the project but it wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement and guidance of my long-time master and one of outpost vfx's prominent artist, Shay Goldberg.

Shay has done work for Europa's underwater sequence, -I'll post more of his work soon.

Producer: David Gidali
Director: David Gidali
Cinematographer: Itay Gross
Score: Matt Koshak
Sound Design: Tal Levitas
VFX: David Gidali


Hi there!

My name is David Gidali and I'm a writer, director, and a visual effects & animation artist.

outpost vfx is a collective of individual artists and studios which I've assembled and am proud to collaborate with on my own projects and others'.

It is now August 2011, and we're collaborating on my short film "Europa", which is my final thesis project of my MFA studies at the American Film Institute.

In the upcoming weeks - we are going to create more than 80 visual effects shots, and I will do my best to share with you here as much of the ongoing process as possible, so subscribe and stay tuned!