Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little bit about AFI

Quick update:
Since I published this blog, a few great and talented artists offered to join and volunteer their time to help out. It's a great encouragement to see that people believe in me and this project, I'm truly humbled.

In case you were wondering, "Europa" is my thesis film at the American Film Institute, which has recently been rated the best film school in the world, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
What's truly random is that of all AFI production pictures, they've picked this picture, from the set of "Europa" to put in the article!

Back to production updates:
I've been doing some rendering and compositing tests on an underwater environment which is a big set-piece that will feature in more than 30 shots in the next few weeks, and in the meanwhile have continued working on the Hologram you've seen before - It takes a while because I need to animate 50 seconds of it. I expect to be done with it during the weekend.


So any help would be great, especially if you have a 200 node render farm.

Expect to see some cool tests and updates this weekend!

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