Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playstation - Next Level

PLAYSTATION - NEXT LEVEL from David Gidali on Vimeo.

For some time now I haven't volunteered my animation services on spec. that I didn't helm as director myself. This concept, by visionary director Kyle Soehngen, made me go out of my way, as it offered a unique and interesting technological challenge that sparked my imagination.
The technique is called "3D projection mapping", which essentially means projecting video on to a three-dimensional set, rather than a flat screen/wall. But the trick is to plan the video so that what is projected, correspond to the dimensions and surfaces of the set - and in this project, also correspond to the movements and actions of a dancer.

But enough explaining: here's the result - it's important to note, that everything in this was captured on set in the video-camera, and there weren't any additional elements or effects added digitally. Enjoy!